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Mass tort litigation is thriving, fueled by aggressive digital advertising and litigation finance. These high-stakes cases promise huge paydays for lawyers and funders, transforming mass torts into a lucrative industry.

You Can Create Award-Winning Art With AI. Can You Copyright It?

Justices Rule on Guns, Abortion as End of Term Nears

Companies, Countries Respond to the Global Minimum Tax

Can't Afford a Lawyer? AI Might Be the Solution

DEI Insight Series

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General counsel have a critical seat at the table as companies—facing political and legal headwinds—take a new, hard look at their DEI policies. In this series, leaders illuminate the way forward in this challenging climate.

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Binance General Counsel Confronts Some of Crypto’s Hardest Tests

<-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbHref":"bbg://securities/1624796D%20CH%20Equity","_id":"00000190-46e2-d497-a7fb-eeef936a0000","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">Binance’s General Counsel Eleanor Hughes has a lot to keep her busy, ranging from the giant crypto exchange’s testy dispute with Nigerian officials to strict monitoring by US authorities as part of a landmark <-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbDocId":"S4HQUFDWX2PS","_id":"00000190-46e2-d497-a7fb-eeef936a0001","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">plea deal.

Tesla Seeks to Delay July Hearing in Battle Over Musk’s Pay (1)

Lawyers for Elon Musk say a shareholder vote last week approving the Tesla Inc. co-founder’s <-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbDocId":"S83XOHT1UM0W","_id":"00000190-3c91-d497-a7fb-fc9d301c0002","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">$56 billion pay package should delay a hearing on the award of billions of dollars in fees to the lawyers who challenged it.

Chevron Must Pay $120 Million to Family-Owned Oil Company

A Chevron Corp. subsidiary lost its bid for a new trial and must pay $120 million for damaging an oil company’s field, a California appeals court ruled on Friday, emphasizing the importance of efficiency in the jury selection process.


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