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Trump Media Auditor’s Shutdown Strands Nearly 40% of Ex-Clients

Donald Trump’s social media company secured a new auditor within days of the SEC shuttering the firm that had vetted its books. Nearly 40% of BF Borgers CPA PC’s other clients haven’t been so lucky.

Starboard Loses Bid to Block Autodesk Director Vote in July

Starboard Value lost a legal fight to block Autodesk Inc. from holding a board vote next month, which may mean the activist investor won’t be able to run its own candidates to replace directors following an accounting probe at the software company.

IRS Eases Research Credit Proposal Amid Industry Pushback

The IRS released a draft form for the research credit Friday—walking back some of the stricter reporting requirements it had proposed last year after receiving comments from taxpayers.

OECD Progressing on Finishing Global Tax Treaty By End of June

Officials at the OECD are still making progress on readying a treaty to reallocate global taxing rights for countries to sign by the end of June, according to a top official at the organization.

Smaller Auditors Urge Regulator to Slow Pace of Rule-Writing

Mid-tier and small accounting firms are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of new rules coming out of the US audit board, they said in a letter Friday.

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Teladoc Directors Blamed for Platform Marketing Cost Fallout

Teladoc Health Inc.'s board members are responsible for millions of dollars in upcoming investigation and litigation expenses for understating its BetterHelp online counseling unit’s marketing needs, an investor says in a new derivative suit.

KPMG to Cut Further 200 UK Jobs, Financial Times Says

KPMG is cutting a further 200 jobs as it faces a prolonged slowdown in demand for some services and a drop in the number of staff quitting, Financial Times <-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbDocId":"SFDZ3A8JRZLS","_id":"00000190-3810-d497-a7fb-fc1d5cd10000","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">reports, citing people familiar with the matter.


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Binance General Counsel Confronts Some of Crypto’s Hardest Tests

<-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbHref":"bbg://securities/1624796D%20CH%20Equity","_id":"00000190-46e2-d497-a7fb-eeef936a0000","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">Binance’s General Counsel Eleanor Hughes has a lot to keep her busy, ranging from the giant crypto exchange’s testy dispute with Nigerian officials to strict monitoring by US authorities as part of a landmark <-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbDocId":"S4HQUFDWX2PS","_id":"00000190-46e2-d497-a7fb-eeef936a0001","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">plea deal.

Winklevoss Twins Refunded After Trump Crypto Gift Exceeded Limit

<-bsp-person state="{"_id":"00000190-3c41-d497-a7fb-fc4d4f010000","_type":"00000160-6f41-dae1-adf0-6ff519590003"}">Cameron and <-bsp-person state="{"_id":"00000190-3c41-d497-a7fb-fc4d4f010001","_type":"00000160-6f41-dae1-adf0-6ff519590003"}">Tyler Winklevoss were refunded after their Bitcoin donations to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign exceeded the maximum amount allowed under federal law.

US Lawmakers Visit Ailing Binance Executive in Nigerian Jail (1)

Two US lawmakers who visited a jailed <-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbHref":"bbg://securities/1624796D%20CH%20Equity","_id":"00000190-3bd5-d497-a7fb-ffdd83420000","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">Binance Holdings Ltd. executive in Nigeria said he is in poor health and asked the American embassy to seek a humanitarian release even as local authorities press on with a fraud trial against him.

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