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California Studies Whether to Pursue Tech Antitrust Laws

A little-known California commission is set to decide what antitrust laws, if any, the state should place on its home-grown tech industry.

Bank Merger Reviews, Lender Collapses Targeted in FDIC Measures

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. staff will have to brief the agency’s board to justify any bank merger reviews lasting longer than 270 days under a proposal the regulator adopted unanimously.

Barrett Charts Divergent Path From Thomas on How to Use History

Columnist David Lat assesses Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s trajectory in her fourth term and approach to historical interpretation.

Starboard Loses Bid to Block Autodesk Director Vote in July

Starboard Value lost a legal fight to block Autodesk Inc. from holding a board vote next month, which may mean the activist investor won’t be able to run its own candidates to replace directors following an accounting probe at the software company.

Judges Urged to Embrace AI, but Not When Writing Opinions

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Judges should be broadly integrating artificial intelligence technologies in their chambers while approaching generative AI—which can produce text and audio automatically—with skepticism, experts say.

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Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day: Europe

Good morning. France keeps markets on edge. Investors try to gauge how long until rates come down substantially, while the yen remains under pressure. And the European Union and China agree to hold talks. Here’s what people are talking about.

Woolworths, Coles Face Possible Fines Under Tougher Grocery Code

Woolworths Group Ltd., <-rte-company state="{"_id":"00000190-4514-d497-a7fb-ed1d25650001","_type":"00000160-4b23-d8bd-adfd-4b3348fd0000"}">Coles Group Ltd. and other major Australian supermarkets will face potential multimillion dollar fines for anti-competitive behavior under a government push to crack down on unfair prices and the rising cost of living.

China, European Union Agree to Hold Talks on EV Tariffs

<-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbHref":"bbg://screens/COUN%20CN%20ECO","_id":"00000190-4791-d497-a7fb-ef9d7b7e0000","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">China and the European Union agreed to start talks on the bloc’s plans to impose tariffs on electric vehicles imported from the Asian nation.

Apple Halts AI Rollout in the EU Over Regulatory Concerns

Apple Inc. is withholding a raft of new technologies from hundreds of millions of consumers in the <-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbHref":"bbg://securities/345300Z%20BB%20Equity","_id":"00000190-4787-d497-a7fb-ef8f495f0000","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">European Union, citing concerns posed by the bloc’s regulatory attempts to rein in Big Tech.

Germany’s Habeck Lands in China for Talks as EV Tariffs Loom

<-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbHref":"bbg://screens/COUN%20DE%20ECO","_id":"00000190-48a7-d497-a7fb-ecafac1f0000","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">German Vice Chancellor <-bsp-person state="{"_id":"00000190-48a7-d497-a7fb-ecafac1f0001","_type":"00000160-6f41-dae1-adf0-6ff519590003"}">Robert Habeck arrived in Beijing for talks with top leaders in the world’s No. 2 economy, with looming European tariffs on Chinese electric cars high on his agenda.


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