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June 23, 2024, 10:38 AM UTC

France Leftists’ Plans Include 90% Top Marginal Income Tax Rate

Alan Katz
Alan Katz
Bloomberg News

<-bsp-bb-link state="{"bbHref":"bbg://screens/COUN%20FR%20RISK","_id":"00000190-4733-d497-a7fb-ef3fdf170000","_type":"0000016b-944a-dc2b-ab6b-d57ba1cc0000"}">France’s leftist alliance would raise the top marginal income tax rate to 90% if it were to take over the government following legislative elections that run through July 7.

<-bsp-person state="{"_id":"00000190-4733-d497-a7fb-ef3fdf180000","_type":"00000160-6f41-dae1-adf0-6ff519590003"}">Eric Coquerel provided the figure in an interview in Cnews television, saying that the New Popular Front’s proposal would pass muster with French courts and wouldn’t be considered confiscatory because it would only have an impact on the highest portion of a taxpayer’s income.

While Coquerel, who presided over the finance committee at the National Assembly before its dissolution on June 9, didn’t specify the level at which the 90% ...

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